Commercial Security

The Benefits of Business Security Services

From small business security solutions to large, comprehensive commercial alarms and video surveillance systems, our experienced team of professionals will help you choose the custom solution that meets your individual needs.

At Lightspeed Security, our technologies take preventative measures to keep intruders from entering and burglarizing your office during and after business hours. While you may have an initial cost when installing the right security equipment for your company’s needs, the benefits of having surveillance far outweigh the price. These benefits include higher safety and productivity for employees, better prevention of burglary from intruders, remote controls with DVR recording to prevent internal cases involving workplace theft, additional support for monitoring and recording office employee activities, and loss prevention of inventory and damage to property assets.


With Lightspeed Security, we want our customers to know they are getting the best security surveillance service available for their business. In order to further protect employees, assets, and to secure inventory and commercial property, one of the exclusive packages we offer for commercial equipment includes (but is not limited to) eight 1080P HD security cameras, 1TB memory, DVRs, and one year warranty that covers labor for maintenance and repair service calls for your business security system. Customers who take advantage of our exclusive offer are also provided with access to our smartphone app, which allows you to access your security system settings, videos, and recording remotely.

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