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Facts Every Homeowner Should Know About Burglars

June 3, 2019

The typical homeowner pictures a burglar as an impoverished evildoer who is willing to rob any house that appears to be an easy target. The truth is that home burglars have become fairly sophisticated over the years. Many of these unsavory characters will invest plenty of time and effort studying homeowners’ behaviors before attempting to steal their possessions. Here’s a look at some interesting facts about burglars every homeowner should know.

Burglars are Willing to Make Their Move During the Day

One of the most common misconceptions about home burglars is they wait until night to strike. Yet plenty of these cretins are willing to break into target homes during the morning, afternoon and early evening hours. The surprising truth is that burglars are more likely to rob a home of its contents during the day than at night. Several studies have shown burglars tend to make their move when the sun is up as this is the time when most homeowners are away at work, running errands, picking up the kids from school etc.

Burglars are Surprisingly Intelligent

The typical burglar isn’t anything like the pair of buffoons portrayed as home-robbers in the popular movie Home Alone. Rather, contemporary thieves are surprisingly savvy and patient. They are willing to scout out target properties for months before striking. Many will go as far as studying the nuances of a home’s unique security system in order to learn how to disable it as quickly as possible.

Burglars are Well Aware of the Most Popular Hiding Places for Valuables

People often store their prized jewels, rare coins, cash and other valuables in tiny hidden compartments within dressers, cabinets, desks and other furniture. Though these spaces seem fairly safe, experienced home burglars know all the common hiding spaces. Studies show burglars search for jewelry, electronics and cash before anything else upon breaking into a home. This means those secret compartments will probably be identified fairly quickly during the burglary.

Burglars Don’t Want Drama

It takes mere minutes for a burglar to steal your most valuable possessions. These skilled criminals do everything possible to avoid confrontations with homeowners.

Burglars Will Try to Enter Through the Doggy Door

A home with a doggy door is a home that is inviting burglars right on inside. If you have such a diminutive entrance to your living space, consider eliminating it with the installation of a completely new door. Or, you can patch it up so burglars can’t crawl on in to your home while you are away and steal your most prized possessions.

Burglars Will Invest the Time and Energy Required to Find Those Spare Keys

If you think you can safely hide a spare key somewhere on your property, think again. Burglars are aware of the fact that plenty of homeowners store spare keys beneath firewood or in fake rocks along the landscaping. Leaving such a spare key around the home is a mistake no homeowner should make.

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