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Reasons To Get a Home Security System In Kingwood

June 3, 2019

There Are More Reasons Than Just Crime Prevention To Get A Home Security System In Your Kingwood Home
Most advertising for a home security system takes the approach of burglary protection when it comes to demonstrating the value of a home security system to protect your family. The door, windows, and motion sensors surrounding the home that make you aware of an intruder and trigger your monitoring agency’s response to send the police are great features of a home security system, but there is so much more they can do when you purchase a home surveillance system.

Smoke and Fire Protection
This is a lifesaving aspect of modern home security systems available today. Wireless smoke/fire detectors can be placed on each floor of your home and outside of bedrooms. Not only do the detector’s alarm with a piercing sound to alert you of the danger of fire day or night, they trigger a response from the 24-hour monitoring center. The fire department will be called regardless of whether you are asleep in your bed, at work or school, or a thousand miles away on vacation. The fire protection system is on and ready around the clock whether you are there or not.

Carbon Monoxide Detection
This colorless, tasteless and odorless gas can incapacitate you and your family quickly. Without a carbon monoxide (CO) detector, a drowsy feeling may be more than just being tired after a busy day. News stories abound of carbon monoxide tragedies. You can pick up a regular detector at most department stores, but they do not connect to 24-hour monitoring that can call for help if you are incapacitated. Your alarm system CO detector is connected to your central alarm panel that calls out to your monitoring agency for help any time CO gas is detected.

Surveillance Cameras and Home Automation
Modern home security systems also offer indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras that you can view live footage by using an app on your smartphone. There are even doorbells with cameras that alert you of someone at the door no matter where you are at. You can answer your doorbell using your smartphone from your couch, your office in the city or while on vacation. You can see who is there and speak with the person. Home automation lets you control door locks, garage doors, lights, heating and air conditioning, and a whole lot more.

Deters Burglars From Home
Yes, a home security system offers great perimeter intrusion detection. Its presence deters burglars as this makes the home less of an easy target. However, the systems are capable of so much more. Though crime can occur anywhere, it may not be a major concern where you live. However, fire and CO risk is indiscriminate, and having live agents at a round-the-clock monitoring center who are always ready to send help is a priceless benefit of having a monitored home security system installed.

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