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The Best Places in Your Home for Security Cameras

June 3, 2019

The placement of your home’s security cameras is just as important as purchasing them in the first place.  When strategically positioned, security cameras provide a comprehensive view of your property from varying angles.  This includes views inside of your property as well as outside of your property. Our home security experts are here to ensure your video surveillance cameras are positioned just right to maximize your safety and help you sleep easy at night.

Security Camera Positioning: Views of Doors and First Floor Windows are Essential

The front door, back door and windows along the first floor are common points of entry for thieves.  Security cameras should be positioned near these areas to capture footage of those attempting to break into your home.  Cameras should be positioned above such doors and windows at a height that can’t be reached without a ladder.  These cameras should point downward to record footage of everything happening below.  Furthermore, exterior cameras should have night vision to ensure everything can be seen regardless of whether it is occurring in the early morning, late at night or another time.

Camera Positioning Within the Home

Most home security cameras are positioned along the outside of the home to capture footage of the robbers in action.  However, it also makes sense to place security cameras in certain portions of the home’s interior.  These cameras should be placed in an area of the home that looks outward for a view out of the window and into the yard. As noted below, it is also sensible to place cameras near your valuables.

The Role of Camera Range in Placement

The position of the cameras within the home partially hinges on their range.  A range between 45 degrees and 75 degrees is best to aim at certain areas like the garage entry door or another doorway of the home.  Cameras that have a full wide view upwards of 180 degrees makes it possible to view an entire room in the home with a single camera.

Position Cameras to Oversee Valuables

If you have valuables in your home such as a coin collection or a safe, it is prudent to position at least one security camera video at an angle that allows for it to be observed and recorded with ease.  Furthermore, if you have any hiding places in your home, it makes sense to guard them with a security camera.  This way, if your home is burglarized, the footage from the camera can help identify the thief and pinpoint exactly what was pilfered.

A Security Camera Caveat of Note

Above all, home security cameras should be positioned in spaces that can’t be reached with ease.  Otherwise, there will be a risk of tampering.  Imagine a thief spotting the camera, reaching up to it, breaking it or covering its lens.  This is the worst-case scenario.  Security cameras should be positioned in parts in and around the home that are not obvious yet still able to provide an excellent view.

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