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The Little-Known Benefits of Installing a Home Security System

June 3, 2019

The installation of a home security system does more than protect valuables.  Home security systems provide a myriad of benefits, many of which are latent in nature.  Let our team install a security system and you will find it saves you money across posterity, keeps your loved ones safe and even makes it that much easier to obtain medical assistance in emergencies.

Answer the Door From any Location

Video doorbells empower homeowners to answer the door when upstairs or located elsewhere.  Doorbell cameras are equipped with two-way voice that enable homeowners to speak to anyone who drops by the home.  This is the perfect way to scare away uninvited guests or at least make them aware they are being watched.

A Home Security System Reduces Your Home Insurance Premiums and Insurance Deductible

Most home insurance providers provide an insurance premium discount if the homeowner adds a professionally monitored security system.  The average discount on home insurance premiums for homes featuring an alarm is around 20%.

Timely Medical Assistance

It is now possible to implement medical alert pendants in home security systems to quickly reach out for emergency services to be dispatched.  These services are typically requested by those worried about their elderly, disabled or ill family members.  The integration of medical alert devices contacts authorities right away for assistance after falls, seizures and medical emergencies of other varieties.

A Home Security System Reduces Your Energy Consumption

Home automation is a fairly new concept, yet it is quickly growing in popularity.  Home automation empowers homeowners to access and alter lighting, small appliances and even the home’s thermostat with remote access. Some homeowners even use this feature to turn off their heating and cooling systems when no one is home.  Automation also allows for home lights illumination prior to arrival so the user arrives at a fully-lit living space.  Furthermore, turning on the lights from afar deters intruders as it makes it appear as though the homeowner is home when the truth is no one is in the house.  The end result of home automation with a security system is enhanced security and lower utility bills.

Protect Your Furry Friends During an Emergency

Home security systems include smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.  Once these detectors are in place, you can immediately contact emergency personnel when you and your loved ones are not home.  This means if there is any sort of emergency, security personnel can be contacted right away to ensure your pets stay safe and sound.

Home Security Systems Make Caretakers That Much More Comfortable

If you employ a babysitter, dog walker, house sitter or other caretaker, he or she will be that much more comfortable if a home security system is installed.  The bottom line is most people spend at least 50-60 hours away from the home each week.  Enlisting the assistance of others is necessary to keep the home orderly and well-managed.  Provide caretakers with a home security system and they will feel perfectly comfortable working in your home.

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