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Top 3 Benefits of Having a Home Security System in Houston

June 3, 2019

There are several great reasons to invest in a home security system installed for your household.  When deciding if having a home surveillance system is worth it, Lightspeed Security have made a list of the top three benefits of having a home security system installed your house.

Benefit #1. Protects Family Inside Home

The main beneficial reason for installing a home security system in a residential home is that it offers families protection from intruders who break into homes when they are occupied. The presence of an alarm system alone is usually enough to deter intruders from breaking in.  Although most burglars target a home that is empty, intruders may still target a home even when occupants are sleeping or just living inside going on with their day to day activities.

Intruders that do break into a home when it is occupied often resort to aggressive behavior that frequently leads to violence.  Having an alarm system in place cannot only prevent injuries to homeowners but it can also prevent residents having to resort to violence themselves in the effort to protect their families. Having a security system in place often provides family members with enough warning to move to a secure location either inside or outside of the home while the alarm dispatches local law enforcement for help.

Benefit #2. Secures Home Belongings When Away

As humans we are naturally prone to collecting things throughout our lifetimes that we often become emotionally attached to.   The last thing we expect is for someone to come into our home and take away all the things we cherish.  Protecting your belongings is important, whether it’s sentimental objects like photographs, certificates and family heirlooms, or high ticket purchases like technology, jewelry, and valuable collectibles.  The last thing we expect is for someone to come into our home and take away all the things we cherish.  Having an home security system installed can prevent the grief that comes after a burglar wipes away all the things that we spent so much of our time and energy to obtain.

Also, an alarm system offers visual documentation of the home intrusion when it does take place and it increases the likelihood that the burglar will be identified on camera for the crime committed. Video footage can also help those who are burglarized create an inventory of what was taken from the home during a burglary.

Benefit #3. Alerts Residents of Fires, Carbon Monoxide, and Gas Leaks

Home security systems tend come with additional protection mechanisms for homeowners such as the monitoring of fires, carbon monoxide, and gas leak detection.  Thanks to advances in technology of home security systems, many homeowners can now rely on smoke alarm and air sensors to warn them of problems with air quality and smoke detection.  Home alarm systems serve to warn home occupants of the presence of abnormal sources of heat using heat detectors.

Another feature home security systems can provide is the detection of the colorless and undetectable gases.  Airborne toxins like carbon monoxide can poison and even cause death to homeowners who are caught blindsided.   Since carbon monoxide detectors can measure the air quality of homes, residents can be alerted of any leaks from stoves, burning of wood and charcoal, gas ranges, and heating systems before poisoning occurs.

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