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A Checklist for Home Security

June 3, 2019

The best way to guard yourself, your loved ones, and your valuables is to implement an array of home security features.  Most of the security features you need are available in our home security system.  However, you can be proactive and prepare your home for a potential burglary attempt by implementing the additional safeguards outlined below.

The Basics of Home Security Checklists

Securing your home will prove much easier if you create a home security checklist and implement/check the listed safeguards at least once per year.  Every home security checklist should feature deadbolt door locks, window locks, doors comprised of metal or dense wood, a home security yard sign and motion-activated floodlights. You will likely have the majority of these basic items in your home.  However, these items have the potential to break.

Check the integrity of your door and window locks with regularity.  Keep in mind plenty of doors are sold without deadbolt locks installed.  If your doors do not have a deadbolt lock, it is time to install one.  In terms of window locks, they should be applied when you are leaving your home.  Lock all of your windows, especially those on the second and third floors.  Do not put it past a burglar to put a ladder against your home, climb the steps and open an unlocked window.  Nothing will stop a burglar from breaking into an unsecured home if he or she knows you are away from the premises.

Door Quality Matters

When was the last time you took a close look at your door?  Are you sure your doors are able to withstand a strong kick, shoulder or other powerful force?  Your doors should be made of a strong material such as metal or a very dense wood.  Even the strongest of doors has the potential to weather as time progresses.  If your doors have weathered, it is time to replace them.  A burglar will kick in a weathered or thin door with surprising ease.

Trim the Bushes!

Trimming the bushes is essential to safeguarding your property.  If you let your bushes grow, they will create a hiding place for burglars to hang out and scout your property.  If anything goes wrong during the burglary, the burglar might resort to your bushes to avoid detection, wait until everything settles down, emerge from the greenery and resume the pilfering.

A Home Security System

Above all, the most important form of protection you can add to your home is a security system.  Today’s home security systems have all sorts of high-tech features that will keep your valuables and family protected.  Such systems provide safeguards like motion-activated floodlights that illuminate when infrared sensors identify motion.  Once the lights turn on, they will make burglars believe you or one of your family members are at home, watching and calling the police for help.  This is the comprehensive line of defense you need to protect everything you love and value.  Reach out to us today to learn more about how our home security system can prevent a burglary.

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